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Thread: I think I know why this loss is bugging me

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    Take away 2 of those turnovers and have Dipsh*t make the FG, and it is a 1 score game.

    I always have a problem handling a loss when the Steelers beat themselves, this case is no different.

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    That's exactly what the Steelers did, beat themselves. If Ben doesn't throw those INT's and Suisham makes that FG the outcome could have been different.

    I can take a loss much better when you give it your best shot and just can't pull it out. You can walk out knowing you did your best. When you play like crap and give the game away on stupid mistakes, that is what drives everyone crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelDad View Post
    And did you see his comment that Seattle's defense is better than ours? What a douche.
    I hate to say it but he'd know. The niners D is $$$$$!

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