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Thread: When do we finally address Heath's play?

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    To be fair to Heath, some of the targets he is getting are pretty poorly thrown passes. That said, he isn't making lemonade out of these lemons, so to speak. Last season, he would be snagging most of these. This year, they float a little high and right into the hands of a DB. Guys are off right now and I don't think that is going to get better until Roethlisberger's throwing motion returns to normal.

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    That interception was clearly on Ben. So he fumbles once in a blue moon,I can't believe some one even started a thread about this... We had a bad game pure and simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    Oh my god. The ball did NOT hit him in his hands. Has anyone bothered to watch the play again? He literally jumped as high as he could and barely got a fingernail on it.
    Two inches off the ground I agree with the other post, he did run a great route and get good separation but Ben was throwing in between 3-4 defenders, 2 in front. He had a small window to get that ball in and he probably hit the top of that window but you would still like to see Heath be able to get up and make a better effort. If the ball was thrown any lower and one of those defenders would jump up, higher then 2 inches and pick it.

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    When do we finally address Bens play? This thread was probably brought up for that catch everyone thought he should have made when it was clearly a bad pass.

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    I put that interception on both on Heath and on Ben. The pass was high but it did hit him in the hands. Normally he makes that catch, takes the big hit, gets up and keeps on going. Miller has been absolute money for a long time but this year he's had some struggles since mid season. His fumbles though I'll give you are very uncharacteristic. It may just be a funk he's in and needs to work himself out of it. Every receiver goes through it now and then.

    He's got 48 catches for 592 yds. and 2 TD's. His 12.3 ypc average is over a first down every time he touches the ball. He is still one of Ben's biggest safety valves and I have no doubt he'll be a factor in the last 2 games and in the post season.

    Ben's ankle and just his general beat up status this season has caused him to be off on a good number of passes each game.

    I'm not ready to say that you put Saunders in there for a guy like Heath Miller just yet. Wes has played well in spot duty but lets not get ahead of ourselves just quite yet. He is the heir apparent to Miller Time but Heath still has a place on this team.
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    All in all, I'd say Heath is having a pretty good year for most TE's, but not for Heath. Dropped passes, fumbles, perhaps we're spolied, but would like to see him step it up in the next 6 games and eliminate the occasional miscue.

    And for no other reason than he's talented, I would like to see the Steelers start utilizing Saunders in the offense a little more.

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