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Thread: Stop with the x-fire blitzes already!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    For us? Not lately, our LB'rs suck and cannot even sniff a sack!!
    The Steelers haven't given up more than 23 points since week 1...gave up 17 to both Houston and 24 points wins games....Lets Go BEN and B.A. !!!!! D will keep us in the games if we could score

    but alex smith has a QBR of 45....but had a 77 to the mighty steel curtain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    I have been saying for some time now that Lebeau's blitzes are stale and predictable....old man please retire.....
    1st in the league is total YPG
    1st in the league in passing YPG
    6th in the league in rushing YPG
    2nd in the league in points allowed.

    If he retires, do you really think the next guy can actually do any better with the personnel in place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    Lebeau didn't suddenly forget how to coach, the dude has forgotten more about football than 90% of the coaches in the NFL will every know. He never uses a play sheet on the sidelines, everything he comes up with he has in his head. That's amazing in itself.

    With more and more teams using the 34, everybody is seeing it more often and learning how to gameplan around it. Even 5 years ago the quick release QB was not as popular as he is now. Manning did it, Brady did it, and that's about it. Now you have Quarterbacks all over the league getting rid of the ball quickly and offensive lines learning how to block exotic blitzes.

    You see the Steelers secondary stepping up more this year, thanks to Coach Lake and the young players stepping up. If you don't have that, our defense is mediocre at best. The pass rush is inconsistent because Woodley and Harrison have missed so much time. It's a combination of a lot of things but it all comes down to execution. If the Steelers execute their defense correctly it's hard to beat still, but lack of healthy personnel has been a problem as has the age in some cases.

    Let not forget that the whole league is struggling on D cause that is how the game is set up now. The days of hammering WRs and making the passer sit and wait to get lit up are over. Thats just a cold hard fact of the new era of the GFL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    We'll get burnt at the stake. But hell yea his D has been going downhill!
    It's not the scheme it's the personnel Farrior and Foote are the keys to the fire zones sucess things will improve when we get younger and faster.Fire zones are used by the Jets,Texans,Cowboys,Cardinals,Ravens.Even some 4-3 teams have fire zone packages in the nickel. So as typical and predictable as it is to blame LeBeau it is misguided.we simply need to get younger and faster

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