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I apologize as well.

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My apologies. You're entitled to your opinion. Happy holidays.
I accept your apology and I apologize for name-calling.

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Are you saying Tomlin is an average Coach? I guess you know better than the Roonies then. How about making a change at the Defensive coordinator where you've got someone that the whole Freakin league has figured out. Let go Dick Lebeau or make a transition to a successor on Defense.

Tomlin should've put his foot down and told Ben that he was not going to play. I konw its a sin to talk bad about Ben.

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I agree, he needs to get his act together, and I LOVE Tomlin, believe me. I am just frustrated with the loss as many people here. To bring the race card to this discussion is something a true Steeler fan should never ever do. This is NOT New york, its Pittsburgh.

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Tomlin needs to fire BA after the season is over!!!! I am talking out of frustration, but this needs to be done so we can see if Ben can learn any new tricks!

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I actually went back and read this whole thread... THIS IS THE BEST responce I've read in this pathetic thread.. Thank you!
There have been plenty of good, black head coaches in the league, Tomlin is not one of them, not because he is black, but because he's not a good head coach. Once again, I feel him being black is why he was hired and anyone who understands the Rooney Rule would understand that the latter opinion is not based on personal experiences and or feelings, but it is based on what the rule explicitly states and the fact that there were other head coaches who were more qualified than Tomlin at the time of the hiring.

As others have stated, the team has won in spite of him, which is a rare feat in football. Harrison on one play, and Roethlisberger and Holmes on one drive won the Superbowl, in spite of Tomlin.

The Steelers defense is 1st in the league in YPG, 1st in the league in passing YPG, and 6th in the league in rushing YPG. Complaining about Lebeau and or the Steelers defense is simply ridiculous.