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Thread: Why was Ben still in when the game is in hand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    Tomlin said in his press conference today, which by the way we'll have the full audio posted up this afternoon, that he never considered pulling Ben in that game.

    When asked if he felt Ben was ready to go and if his health would be good enough to be an asset to the offense he said basically that he talked to Ben and didn't want to deny him the opportunity to compete.

    Now here's where I have a bit of a problem. You are the head coach, that means making the tough decisions. Just because a player says they want to play, you don't always give in. Nobody in the world can question Ben's toughness but since being mobile is such a big part of his game, you're putting him and the offense at a disadvantage by leaving him out there. There's no disgrace in pulling him late in the game when the pass rush is at a fever pitch. You bring in Batch, let him try and do something or better yet bring in Dixon and let him atleast try and make some plays with his legs.

    I understand that it's Big Ben we're talking about here. He gives you the best chance to win and this was a big game, one that if Ben doesn't play your chances of winning are diminished. I fully supported Ben starting in this game, no question about it. However late in the 4th quarter when things are falling apart and the pass rush is coming at you like crazy, I would have pulled him and let someone else finish out the night.

    What I'm getting at here is that Tomlin at some point needs to pull the trigger with Ben in these situations and get him out. He does it with Troy, Woodley, and others who are hurt. Ben may be "the man" but he's still you're player.
    Exactly! Tomlin should have manned up and pulled Ben! Its Tomlins decision its his job to whats best for the team, not just yesterday, everyday. So he should have pulled ben and live to fight another day!

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    Tomlin was pretty pissed at his press conference today and pretty much ended it on his own terms when the media kept asking him questions about the penalty calls and such. Tomlin snapped back and said you guys can blame the refs all you want but we lost cause we got out played and then he abruptly said thank you and got up and left...

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    Awful coaching to keep him in. Even if he could have put together a TD drive, the defense couldn't stop San Francisco. Not worth the risk of further injury or even a slower healing process. If this is all we have to look forward to from our QB, the playoffs will be over quickly. Let him heal and live to fight another day.

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    Ben Roethlisberger didn't leave Monday night's game late in the fourth quarter with the outcome decided because, well, he didn't want to.

    With the Steelers trailing San Francisco by three scores, Roethlisberger refused to exit the game despite being limited with a high-ankle sprain sustained Dec. 8.
    "When Coach tried to get me out, I said, 'No, I'm not putting you in that situation, and I'm not quitting on our guys," Roethlisberger said. "I started this thing. I'm going to finish it."

    Roethlisberger played the final two series, passing nine times and getting sacked twice, as the Steelers wasted an opportunity to take over the top spot in the AFC with a 20-3 loss to the 49ers.

    Roethlisberger threw for 330 yards but failed to lead his team into the end zone for the first time in the past 28 games he started.
    At his weekly news conference Tuesday, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin defended Roethlisberger's refusal to leave the game and his allowing Roethlisberger to dictate as much.

    "He is a competitor, and I am not going to deny those guys those opportunities," Tomlin said. "His teammates definitely have an appreciation for that."
    Tomlin said at no point did he seriously consider pulling Roethlisberger. Charlie Batch began warming up with about six minutes remaining in the game.
    Tomlin has been in the same situation before with Roethlisberger, as has former coach Bill Cowher.

    During Week 1 against Baltimore this year, Roethlisberger did not come out of a game the Steelers were losing 35-7. In 2006, with Cowher as coach, Roethlisberger stayed in the entire game despite trailing the Ravens, 27-0, with four minutes left. Roethlisberger was healthy in both of those games.

    However, just three weeks ago, Roethlisberger sat the final 10 minutes against the Cincinnati Bengals with the Steelers leading, 35-7. He broke a thumb earlier in the game.

    "I know what kind of competitor he is," Tomlin said. "I wanted to support him in that."
    It is unknown whether Roethlisberger will play against St. Louis on Saturday, but he said he will leave the decision up to Tomlin.

    "I always want to play," Roethlisberger said. "I want to be there and give my guys everything I have. I'll go out and play at 5 percent, I don't care. I told coach that. I said, 'It is your call. You make the call. You are the head coach.' "
    Tomlin said he will use the week to evaluate Roethlisberger's high-ankle sprain before making a decision.

    "He felt sore, of course, but he was no worse for the wear, as far as I could tell," Tomlin said. "We made the decision to give that guy an opportunity, and we don't second-guess it regardless of the outcome."

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    I guess this is why we dont get high picks for our sideline players.

    I would have had dixon ready with a game plan. played him the second half for sure, if we won, bens in next week, if we lost dennis finishes the season. if he plays real well since we really dont like him, have him play backup next year and trade him during the season to the first time that loses their QB and get something for him. ben gets his healing time, dixon can then stay or go. the draft is coming we sign a QB. we still have leftwich.

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    Ben told Tomlin before the game he couldnt scramble, couldnt move well in pocket, would not be able to roll out, basically would not be the Ben that can win games.
    Tomlin was STUPID too start Ben in his condition. Anyone that watched the warm-ups knew Steelers O was in for a long day. I dont like our coaching staff. Think it needs revamped. Tomlin good talker but makes terrible game time decisions, clock management sucks, adjustments suck.

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    Like others have said, lets hope Tomlin wakes up and sits Ben for St. Louis at the very least. Why is Batch or Dixon on the team if we don't trust them to start one game. Next man up, right coach? Someone is not seeing the big picture. Ben is always gonna say he can play, but its just like players making decisions on coming back into the game after a concussion. Their competitiveness is doing the talking when the logical choice is to sit. Yes better seeding was on the line and the north crown but if you cant trust your backups for the regular season, then why risk your franchise qb to further injury in week 15.
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    This is on Ben. I highly doubt Tomlin wanted him out there at 50%. I like that Ben is a warrior but at some point you need to think about your health/playoffs. IMO Ben is being selfish and trying to get out there and play hurt to help his image.

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    Would it be different had we won, Ben throwing 3 TD's instead of INT's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIESELMAN View Post
    Would it be different had we won, Ben throwing 3 TD's instead of INT's?
    Of course it But still. Once they were down 3 scores and not a lot if time left Ben should have been pulled. At the very least he shouldn't have been in there for the last possession.

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