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Thread: No confidence in Suisham whatsoever

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    No confidence in Suisham whatsoever

    It's too late to go after another kicker now, realistically speaking, but if you don't have confidence in your kicker to atleast try it with 4 seconds left then why is he still on the roster?

    Any other team would at least give him the chance to make it. If he misses it, time expires. If it's blocked you have to think you can make the tackle and not allow them a cheap score before halftime. Let's not kid ourselves, Suisham did not cost us the game but how you don't get him a chance and maybe you get lucky is something I can't quite grasp.

    The clock management was suspect on that final drive before halftime as it is but that's another topic to dive into. Then the line can't block a 3 man rush to even give Ben time to throw a hail mary.

    Then you let him kick a 51 the 3rd quarter and he makes it, just barely.

    Follow that up with a 48 yd miss late in the 3rd, wide left.
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