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Thread: No confidence in Suisham whatsoever

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    Horrible clock management at the end of the half, could have got closer to make it manageable. Even then, why didn't they just let Suisham try and kick the FG??? 4 secs left and a 55 yard FG that Suisham probably had a 20% chance of making....why not try anyways????? NOTHING TO LOSE!...if he misses it, who cares, half ends.......made no sense to me.

    Can you imagine in the playoffs if we need Suisham to make like a 45 yard FG in the final seconds to tie/win the game for us? OMG, I would probably just close my eyes and then faint.

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    Fire his arse.. we dont need extra points we cant score and he cant be counted on for crap.

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    There was nothing to lose in going for the FG. Except we lose. And we DID. Dumb.

    And their fans.

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    55 yds is a long FG, I get that, and in most circumstances you don't normally try that one unless the game is on the line or you just before halftime with only a couple seconds left.

    The first situation wasn't in play but certainly the 2nd one was. If you have a kicker who can't kick it that far or a blocking line who you have no confidence in to keep the pass rush down so it's not blocked, then you have 2 issues that need to be addressed.

    I just don't see why you don't give Suisham the chance to kick it, like I said maybe you get lucky and the game is tied going into halftime. You're telling me that you have more confidence in a 51 yd kick than a 55 yd kick? 4 yds is 4 yds I get that but the point is you left points on the board potentially.

    The odds are in your favor to make that field goal vs scoring a TD on a hail mary or getting a pass interference call to give you 1 more down.

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    What funny is that Suisham only cleared the 51 yard field goal by maybe like one yard. Um..that's not a very good range in the standards of the NFL. If a kicker in the NFL misses a 55 yarders, generally it's to the left or right. His is going to be short.

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    suisham sucks. thats why hes been on 5 different teams. in the offseason, we need to find a kicker.
    Cleveland Browns suck!

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    I said it earlier in the year: If there was a game where field goals would matter, the Steelers would be hosed. Suisham didn't lose the game, but I don't think he can come through in a pinch.

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    The clock management at the end of the half this season in numerous games especially last night was absolutely inexcusable and horrific on the part of Tomlin and his staff. Tomlin is terrible at knowing when and when not to call timeout in the last 2 minutes of the half. He always lets timeouts go to waste and it's getting old and tiresome pretty fast...

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    Beyond 40, it is a major crapshoot. It's sad. No faith in him whatsoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    Beyond 40, it is a major crapshoot. It's sad. No faith in him whatsoever.
    Very true, 40 and out he's a turd..
    "Happy Happy Happy"

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