Where I want the Ravens to lose in San Diego on Sunday night and then Ben doesnt play along with Pouncey and a few other key Steelers players including the suspended Harrison and despite all of those guys out the Steelers still find a way to beat the 49ers without their best players on the field and overtake the Ravens for the division the final 2 games of the season. That would screw both Harbaugh brothers in different ways. It would screw John out of winning the division for the Ravens and for Jim it would screw him and the Niners out of getting a 1st round bye over the Saints in the playoffs. Plus, I want all the Ravens fans to feel confident and okay even if they lose in San Diego on Sunday that at least on Monday night Ben and a few other key guys wont play so we should still be okay because the Niners will win and them BAM the Steelers still find a way to win with either Dixon or Batch playing QB and take over first place in the North over the Ravens. Boy would the Ratbird fans be pissing and moaning all day Tuesday and the rest of the week for that matter should something along these lines occur.