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Thread: Time to Dump Michael Vick?--Atlanta is considering it.

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    House of Steel

    Time to Dump Michael Vick?--Atlanta is considering it.

    Posted Jan 19th 2007 10:53AM by Michael David Smith
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    Should the Falcons just get rid of Michael Vick and move on already? A few years ago that would have seemed like a crazy proposition, but I think that's starting to become a popular opinion in Atlanta. The latest to add his voice to the chorus is columnist Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

    It's never pretty when arrogance and stupidity collide. With Vick, it has collided too often.

    This isn't about the revelation that one pro athlete possibly likes to get high. Here's a news flash for you: A lot of people like to get high. Quarterbacks. Plumbers. Your precious angel who just got his college acceptance letter.

    Rather, this is about all of the crucial things that Vick lacks after six NFL seasons, and 26 years on earth, and endless reminders about his visibility from the most image-conscious owner in sports:

    Maturity. Leadership. Common friggin' sense.

    There are a lot of implications to getting rid of Vick: What kind of deal could you get for him in a trade? What would the salary cap ramifications be? How confident are you in Matt Schaub? But Vick hasn't been nearly good enough on the field to justify the resources the team has devoted to him, and if he keeps making mistakes off the field as well, it's hard to argue that he should stay.
    I guess they are getting sick of him now, and ready to dump his arrogant hide. I wonder who would love to pick this crazy goon up???

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    I've never been a huge Vick fan as a passer so I would trade him if I were them. He has some great running skills that could be put to better use than being a QB but I suppose he will be like Kordell and say he is only a QB.

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    The Matt Schaub era is about to begin in Atlanta. Good bye Mr. Vick. Hey the Raiders could use Mike Vick. A perfect fit for Mike. The Raiders are not going anywhere anytime soon and Vicks career is getting flushed down the Johnny flusher.

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