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Thread: Browns Poem (12/08/11)

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    Browns Poem (12/08/11)

    The Browns came to Pittsburgh for our first meeting
    It turned out to be a lot more than a scoreboard beating
    The Browns would have loved to spoil our night
    They got the ball first and they put up a fight
    After some deep passes to Cribbs and Moore
    McCoy scrambled and tried to run in for the score
    He didn’t quite make it so they settled for the kick
    Then it was our turn - we got down the field quick
    A short pass to Cotchery in the end zone to score
    Just like that we were up by four
    For a while the score would remain 7-3
    But there was still definitely a lot to see
    In the 2nd quarter Hines fumbled while making a play
    3 passes later and Troy’s running the other way
    Unfortunately, Heath would fumble so we gave it back
    But their drive would soon end with a sack
    On our next drive we all watched in fear
    An injury to Ben - gone for the night or maybe the year
    We saw pretty much a punt fest till the half ran out
    And the health of our quarterback was still in doubt
    He was on the field after half - was it really real?
    Ben is an iron man - or more likely our man of steel
    There was no score in the 3rd quarter at all
    But Mendy and Redman were running the ball
    As the 4th quarter started we thought Mike Wallace scored
    But the call was reversed - points off the board
    4 downs and Mendenhall couldn’t cross the plane
    So 7 to 3 is what the score would remain
    Soon Harrison hit McCoy - the hot topic of this game
    He left shortly but right back in he came
    He tried for the end zone - maybe the game winning play
    Only to be intercepted by William Gay
    Excitement would come on a 79 yard catch and run
    Ben to Antonio and the game was all but done
    Our guys will soon be on a San Francisco flight
    And we’ll all be Chargers fans on Sunday night
    No need for any more verses or one liners
    Just go to Candlestick and beat those 49ers

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    Was suppose to be an easy win but we won anyway. Thanks SGTN7.

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    Great stuff Michele! Thanks for posting it up as always. You should have these put into some type of memoir or something!

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    I'm a little late to the party on this one but I always enjoy reading your poems TN7, great job yet again!

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