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Thread: Wolf might be my favorite celebrity

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    Wolf might be my favorite celebrity

    Wolf just opened his show with Tunch by paying homage to two chocolate chip cookies that he ate before the show started. And it was his response to Tunch opening the show about Harrison's suspension. lmao

    Anyone got anymore Wolfisms to share?
    Not a life-long Stiller. But my kids and their kids will have their first Terrible Towel on the day they are born.

    "Hey #16!!! I'm coming for you and he can't stop me!!!"- James Harrison- Before the play he strip sacked Matt Cassel

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    We have been blessed with some real characters when it comes to covering the steelers. Wolf is the real article. Couldn't be a more unique individual
    Coming to you live from the Fortress of Steelertude!

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    Craig Wolfley is such a great guy to talk too. You won't find a more humble man anywhere on earth. He appreciates what he has, where he came from, and most of all his faith and family.

    On a football side he has probably one of the best jobs a guy could have. He is "sideline non combatant" for the Steelers and gets to be on the sideline every game right down in the action. Nobody can call a game or put a more unique spin on the action than Wolf. We're proud to call him a friend of SA.

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    Steelers version of John Madden.

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