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Thread: Harrison to be suspended.. 12/14, NFL suspends Harrison 1 game!

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    Harrison to be suspended.. 12/14, NFL suspends Harrison 1 game!


    PIT - Suspension coming Tuesday for James Harrison - Mon Dec 12, 08:46 PM
    Updating a previous report, Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison will be suspended by the National Football League Tuesday, Dec. 13. It is believed the penalty will be one or two games for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy in the Week 14 game Thursday, Dec. 8.
    12/14/2011 -

    Steelers linebacker James Harrison was suspended today by the NFL for Monday's game at San Francisco, according to a league spokesman.

    Harrison's one-game suspension is for his helmet-to-helmet hit Thursday night on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. Harrison is the first player under commissioner Roger Goodell to be suspended for a helmet-to-helmet hit under the league's more enhanced player safety rules.

    Harrison, who was assessed more than $100,000 in fines last season, is expected to appeal the suspension. He said Monday that he didn't expect the league to fine or suspend him.

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    If this is in fact, true, then this is pure unadulterated Horsesh*t from Roger Goddel.

    Fine sure, suspension? Hope he gets a bad case of the trots for a week straight and it's so bad that he gets red baboon *** from over-wiping.

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    Goodell hates the Steelers. It's obvious from his approach. The NFL even went so far as to come up with the Steeler rule when it comes to hits. I call B.S. on the commish.

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    We all knew this was coming...
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    All this is going to come down to is Gordell hates the Steelers and Harrison and look for him to make an example of Harrison...

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    if i was the players union i would fight this on the basiss that the rules on this are not clear teams and refs and players are being told differennt things if this was any other teamm i wouldn't be written about

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    I agree, the rules are not clear and they sure as heck are not enforced consistently. We've seen many Steelers take hits to the helmet and have no call, and we've seen Steelers hit the other player in the back or on the side and get helmet to helmet.

    Right now, there are a lot of rules in the NLF that could use some clarification and consistent enforcement.

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    there needs to be a review panel of ex-PLAYERS to watch these hits and determine the punishment...not ray anderson and roger goofball.

    there needs to be definitive definitions of what is and is not a legal hit...and these definitions must be taken into consideration when handing out punishment.

    there needs to be accountability among the officials as well. if a flag is thrown when one wasn't necessary, or if one wasn't thrown where it should have been, the league should fine the entire officiating crew...on these types of hits.

    the league needs to punish players for their conduct if no flag was thrown. and fines and other disciplinary actions need to be uniform across the board...not handed out haphazardly.

    the league also needs an independent appeal process of ex-PLAYERS. how can you appeal a decision handed down by anderson/goofball to anderson/goofball?

    finally the owners need to demand these things, and if not given, need to unanimously remove goofball from his dictatorship. he isn't the best person for the job, and can be easily replaced.
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    ill be making MANY videos comparing hits around the league showing their hypocrisy. sending them to every network and that twat goodell himself. they can take em down 50000 times ill keep posting on new accounts. if goodell was run over by a bus, not only would i not help him, not only would i stand over him laughing at his sorry ***, not only would i shake the drivers hand, buy him a beer and thank him for performing an honorable community service, id also write letters to my local senators requesting it possible for civilians to earn the congressional medal of honor. i hate that sniveling, sorry excuse for a man and will never respect him.......

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