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Thread: Crosby out again after only 8 games.

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    Crosby out again after only 8 games.

    Crosby out indefinitely again with concussion-like symptoms
    Monday, December 12, 2011
    By Shelly Anderson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Peter Diana/Post-Gazette
    Penguins captain Sidney Crosby sits in pain on the bench in a game last week against Boston.

    Penguins center and captain Sidney Crosby said today he is experiencing a recurrence of concussion-like symptoms and will be held out of practice and games until that situation improves.
    "I don't think 'frustrating' even describes it," said Crosby, who has 12 points in eight games since he returned from a concussion that knocked him out of the lineup for 61 games and nearly 11 months.
    Crosby said he is doing light workouts and will have to go through a similar progression -- skating, practicing, practicing with contact -- before he is cleared to return to the lineup.
    However, he noted that, "I'm way better off than I was 10 months ago."
    Crosby got good results last week on an imPACT neurocognitive test, but the symptoms, including headaches, convinced him and his medical team to pull him back. He said because the imPACT test did not specifically indicate a concussion, he doesn't have a label for what he's going through now.
    Crosby got hurt last Monday during a game against Boston, possibly when he was hit along the boards in front of the Penguins bench by the Bruins' David Krejci. He said he didn't feel quite right after that game. He practiced Wednesday but, because of headaches, did not travel with the Penguins for games Thursday at Philadelphia and Saturday in New York against the Islanders.

    Shelly Anderson:, 412-263-1721 or on Twitter @pgshelly.

    First published on December 12, 2011 at 11:33 am

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    This news ruined my day.....

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    Really worried here! Might be another Lindros! The fan in me thinks this sucks. But The Kid seems like a good kid, and hopefully the Penguins and he will do the right thing. Seems like a son to Mario so i`m sure he will be taken care of. May have to sit him again til next year?

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    Hope his young career desn't come to an abrupt end. This can't be good.

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