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Thread: Harrison's penalty hit on McCoy saved the game for the Steelers

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    I really don't think Harrison is going to get suspended. The backlash that would ensure from the Steelers organization and the fans would be pretty brutal especially with the post season coming. I know he wants to make James the poster child for his NEW non contact league, but considering he hasn't gotten fined this year and we're into December now a suspension is pretty unlikely.

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    I'm a big fan of Silverback, defended him over last years hits which I deemed pretty clean and just football.

    After all that's been said and done and all the contact rule changes, I was disappointed by this hit by James - to my mind the ball had gone, harrisons head was up, he had time to pull away to some extent. Looked to me a deliberate hit?

    Two years ago, I'd have applauded it, but times have changed. Harrison should have known better. If this had happened to ben we'd all be bitching and moaning.

    Just way I see it. If James is suspended he's only got himself to blame IMHO

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    You know, from your post, I bet you were laughing and toasting when BB was being helped from the field. But, I'd bet the look on your face was priceless when saw him back on the field in the second half. You Raven fans are classless.

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    Harrison DID NOT try to hit Mccoy helmet to helmet. But Mccoy was acting like he was running past the line of scrimmage and pulled up at the line at the last possible second.

    Now my understanding is this: If it's a runner, then helmet to helmet is okay. Because Mendy got hit helmet to helmet at the goal line but nothing was called because he was a runner.

    Well if Mccoy crosses the line of scrimmage, he too is a runner. And since he was playing with the line of scrimmage..........................

    But Harrison is going to get fined, but anyone who saw the play knows Harrison wasn't trying to hit him helmet to helmet.
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