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Thread: Should have kicked the field goal in the 4th quarter

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    Like I said in the Gameday thread, I don't have a problem with them going for it on 4th down. Back up an inept Browns offense at their own 1 yard line. Whatever. What I have a problem with is Bruce Arians calling LITERALLY the exact same play 4 times in a row. It's like this is what's going through his head.

    1st and goal: Stuffed? Okay, let's try it one more time. He's gotta get that yard.
    2nd and goal: Stuffed again. Hm. Ok, just one more time. Swear, last time I'm calling this play.
    3rd and goal: Ok, seriously the last time now.
    I would have kicked the three but really playing the field position game there was smart to.....Browns offense is a joke so really forcing them three and out to get the ball in prime field position was also a good move.....I'm with you I had no problem with them going for it either even though I did think kicking the three was the best move.....

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    at least it didnt come back to bite us

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    Late in the game tell me all of your were not sitting thinking those 3 points wouldn't have been nice to have about that time. Or better yet the redzone turnover that should have never happened.

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    I didn't mind seeing us go for it on 4th and goal, but the play calling was just terrible. 4 downs to get it in and no variation? Should have ran something to the outside or a pass play at least. Ughhhh, I guess they figured we could just pound the ball up the middle on the Browns...not with our O-line.

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    Easy to say after the fact. Poor play selection. I think Tomlin realized the Browns weren't going to drive 98 yards on us.
    Cleveland Browns suck!

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    Horrible play calling and horrible heart from our RB.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    Ok so let me guess this straight, and by all means please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    Isaac Redman is better between the 20's and Rashard Mendnehall is better at the goal line. With your starting Center out of the game and a totally inept replacement at LG you decide to run 4 straight plays to the right with a guy who's not your short yardage specialist? That about cover it? Oh wait, it's Isaac Redman that's better in the redzone, no wait that's not it. Oh screw it, let's just run it and not take the sure 3 points in a close game with our QB who can barely walk. Ben audibles to a run on 3rd down which results in nothing.

    The Browns are selling out to stop the run; crashing the line with literally every defender on the field. Meanwhile you could have had a back or TE release in the flat for an easy TD pass.

    That about cover it?

    In that situation, Tomlin said in his post game press conference that he would do it again in that same situation. Now, I get the whole mentality of stepping on their throat, ripping their hearts, and breaking their will. If you have 4 shots at the 2 yd. line you should be able to score a TD. Yes I get that, but there's no shame in kicking a FG and getting a sure 3 points to get yourself up by a full TD in a close game where turnovers are plentiful.

    After all that I would have kicked the FG and taken my chances with the defense holding onto the win. In the end it worked out because the Steelers defense held and got the ball back for the offense, who promptly took the punt at the Browns 36 and did nothing with it. Maybe it worked out, maybe it didn't, but it's a win.

    man, i got a lot to say about this, with no time. but to the point that i highlighted...didn't we see this already this season? i think it was against the colts...correct me if i'm wrong. we struggle in this situation so many times but continue to do the same thing....insanity much?
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    Against Green Bay or the Patriots, take the 3 points. Against an offense that has scored 3 points through the entire game, take a chance.

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    Mendenhall 4x's why not Redman 4x's on goal line

    Pouncey was obviously hurt and arians runs two plays up the middle? to finish him off?

    This teams coaching staff needs a psychologist on the sidelines.

    Even the annoucer said they are passing alot on a team with the worst run defense...

    Ben hurt himself. He had nowhere to go and needs to throw the ball out of bounds..

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    This was a very interesting situation that has numerous sidebars to it. I'll try to address all of them.

    The Situation: First and goal at the 2. Up by 4. 3rd quarter. Ben is hobbled so any type of rollout is out of the question. Pouncey is out as well.

    The first issue here is the playcalling. Goal line situations are about execution and just plain heart. With Ben's injury, it limited what BA could call, but PA was still available. I like PA on either first or second down. PA on 3rd down is essentially useless because the D will expect pass more often anyway.

    1st down: Mendy gets rocked by Gocong
    2nd down: Mendy gets rocked again

    At this point, it's obvious we aren't getting to the second level because the LBs are killing us. You have to go pass on third but if you don't you have to get Red or MeMo in there because Mendy is still seeing stars.

    3rd down: Mendy goes nowhere again.

    You're up 4 and your defense has held the Browns' since the opening drive. I understand the thought that if you go for it and don't get it, they have 99 yards to go to take the lead so I understand the thought process. However, is there really any difference if you fail to get the TD and if you kick the FG and then have Sushi bang it through the end zone? To me, with this defense? No. The one or the 20 is still deep and they would still have to get 7.

    4th down: The element of surprise is gone now, but what we didn't expect was Mendy for the fourth straight time. I like the aggressiveness, I really do, but the entire series of calls was horrible and so was the execution.

    Tomlin needs to think more in game management situations. He had a QB on one leg and a defense that was playing well. Take the damn field goal Mike.
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