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Thread: Chris Kemoatu is just digging his own grave

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    Everytime there is a big play my kids say wheres the flag... then one appears.. it is a bit strange.
    your kid is not allowed to watch any more games lol

    Quote Originally Posted by RIVERS OF STEEL View Post
    The Steelers have no wiggle room left. A player like this can cost big time in the final run. Get this fat *** out of here.
    no doubt.....he has cost us plenty already.

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    Please cut him!!!

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    If he doesn't really turn his play around, he is going to be a cap casualty this year. He has flashes of brilliance, then he also makes several plays for the other team in every game.

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    The key penalties Kemo had in the 2nd half on the goaline where Mendy got stuffed and on the Redman 3rd and 1 conversion before the Ben interception nearly ended up costing the Steelers the game...

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    Shame how quickly his game went in the crapper. I think I would go to prison for confessing all the things I wished on him last night with those flippin penalties.

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    I genuinely thought we might lose this game in large part to the play of one man, not a QB turning the ball over, not a CB getting burnt all night, but shockingly the play of a Guard! A Guard!!! Blimey! Think he's head has gone altogether!

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