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Thread: Ramon Foster will play; Woodley, Sanders out

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    Good to see that Foster is alright. While he might not be Faneca, he has chemistry with both Pouncey and Gilbert, so that comes into play.

    Woodley's hamstring is definitely a concern, but I would like to see him well rested for the playoffs or maybe in a rotation with Worilds later in the regular season.

    I am concerned with Sanders, as well. This just isn't his year, between his mother's passing and his feet and knee. Hopefully, this is just a fluke year and he gets over what ails him in the offseason. I begin to wonder how his mental health and confidence are being affected by these injuries, it has to start wearing on the guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    I think Heath and Saunders can be huge in this game, Especially when throwing out of 3 TE sets.
    That is a good point with Saunders, the Steelers are starting to look to him a little bit more each week here recently. He's got raw skills but I love his potential! He has an advantage too because nobody on a defense is going to focus on him in the passing game.

    Sanders has indeed had a rough year with his mom passing away and all his injuries. It's gotta be frustrating for him to keep having this foot injury creep up. He's got so much talent and upside that you can't help but root for him.

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