I know there is much to-do and kerfuffle (well founded I might add) about the insane amount of commercials during a football game. I read this fact on Mind Floss:

There is an average of 12 minutes of actual playtime during an NFL game.

Now, I can't validate that fact (I would think it is true, as Mind Floss is not produced in somebody's parent's basement), but if it is true, then some thoughts come to mind. . .

1. Most of the NFL is fanfare, flashy graphics, advertising, talk, stats, and production.
2. The players make a hell of a lot of money for so little play.
3. We pay a lot of money to watch said players for such little time.
4. We act stupid and say and do ridiculous things in response to 12 minutes of football.
5. We spend much time outside of actually watching games in support of 12 minutes of football. In fact, it takes over many of our lives.
6. An team only has a small window of time to score, and this emphasizes the importance of clock management and ball control.
7. If the NFL goes to an 18 game season, they add 24 minutes of play per-team.
8. I am in the wrong profession.

I am not complaining, I just thought that was a fascinating fact. So, any other thoughts? I know I am gearing up for watching my 12 minutes of play!