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Thread: Ward reaches one milestone, 10 catches away from 1,000 (Update, now 5 away)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpele View Post
    I agree with throwing to him but please no more WR screens, we're flirting with disaster there. Teams are looking for that play and it is going to cost us .
    I hate the overuse of the WR screen. Just reminds me of Suggs picking it off. Make that mistake against a faster corner,and it's pick 6

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    They throw those bubble screens way to many times a game anyhow so what is the difference if it's to Ward or not? I can't remember 1 being broken for a huge gain or TD. Sure he's not the fastest receiver but speed was NEVER a part of his game,and not one WR on this team goes across the middle with the tenacity that he does. He has given this team his all through out is career and he deserves to have this record !!!

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    Bubble screens make me puke!

    BUT, sometimes they work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speeed View Post
    The hype over record is well, just a hype.
    It's not hype, Ward has talked about how bad he wants that record. They'll get it for him before it's all over.
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    Hines Ward has seen his role in the Steelers offense diminish over the course of this season, but the 14-year veteran once again took center stage Sunday.

    Ward led the team with five catches totaling 30 yards in the win against Cincinnati. His second reception put him at 12,008 yards for his career. He is the first Steelers receiver to reach the mark and just the 19th player in NFL history.

    The catch that put him over 12,000 was, fittingly, a 12-yard pass over the middle. It's the kind of route that has defined Ward's time with the Steelers.
    "Mike [Wallace] was teasing me on the sidelines, saying 'Not bad for a lot of option routes and choice routes,'" Ward said. "That's a lot of passes, considering I don't really go deep all the time."

    Ward said Wallace, Antonio Brown and the other Steelers receivers were some of his biggest supporters when he reached the milestone.

    "The guy's a class act," Wallace said. "He's humble. He doesn't cry when he doesn't get the ball. His role has decreased a little bit, he doesn't cry about that. I'm always happy for him to see things go his way."

    Ward was in the game for 20 plays against the Bengals. The past two contests he was on the field for just nine and 16 snaps, respectively.

    Ward also became just the third player with 12,000 receiving yards and multiple Super Bowl championships. The other two -- Jerry Rice and Art Monk -- are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Ward also inched closer to another milestone Sunday. After his five catches, Ward is 10 away from becoming the eighth player in NFL history with 1,000 career receptions.
    "To go over 12,000 yards, do it at home and to beat the Cincinnati Bengals, today was a trifecta," Ward said. "It was an all-around good day."

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    Quote Originally Posted by floodcitygirl View Post
    I think they should help him as long as it doesn't compromise the game. He's been a class act thats put his team first.
    Agreed. His plays were helpful yesterday and albeit in a smaller role, he continues to make positive contributions to this team.

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    It might be tough, but I want Hines Ward to get 90 TD receptions. He has 85 right now. Only 10 other players have 90 TD receptions, and 90 is a nice, round number.
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    run the score up on the browns and rams and use ward alot.

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    Will Hines get ten more catches before the season is over?

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    Receiver Hines Ward finds himself buried on the depth chart again with his chances of catching nine more passes to become the eighth player in NFL history to reach 1,000 slipping away.

    Ward was demoted from his starting job to the No. 4 or 5 receiver Nov. 13 in Cincinnati. But, in the next game, Nov. 27 at Kansas City, he emerged again not only as a starter but as a target and caught nine passes over the next two games.
    Since then, however, he has been thrown just one pass over the past two games, catching it for 6 yards, and found himself behind Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown and Jerricho Cotchery Monday night in San Francisco, where not one pass came his way.
    Ward would like return for the 2012 season but, of course, he would have to be invited to do so by the Steelers. Does he think Saturday could be his final game at Heinz Field?

    "I don't even think like that," Ward said. "Every year's different. I'm just glad to still be here. That hasn't even crossed my mind yet.

    "I just want to win, it really doesn't matter about the catches. If we win, we still have a chance. It's always great to win at home and on Christmas Eve.

    "I still have two games. It's great to surpass 12,000 yards. I'm on the cusp of getting 1,000 catches. But, for me, it's all about winning."
    The more I think about this, quite honestly, I'm really pulling for Ward to hit this milestone. I think he deserves to get this honor if there's any way possible for it to happen. Technically he has 2 games left in the regular season to get them but if he makes those catches in the post season they still count towards his 1000 receptions for his career. His career would seem somewhat incomplete, IMO, if he doesn't hit this record.

    Risking a win just to get Hines his catches, that I wouldn't agree with, but there are ways to him the ball and still be effective.

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