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Thread: Ben Now Steelers' All-Time Leader in Completions

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    Terry had a great career, obviously but this a different game now than the 70s. I just choose to enjoy having 2 great QBs in my lifetime.

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    Congrats to Roethlisberger, it's a well deserved record that he will continue to shatter in the years ahead. It's not inconceivable that he could double his production before it's all over.

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    Congrats to Ben!! He also set another record today by being sacked more, 308-307. Of course Bradshaw had better OL's then Ben, but Ben is a hell of a lot more mobile and a hell of a lot better QB then Bradshaw. I looked on Pro-football-reference just now, Ben has played 58 less games then Bradshaw and he's thrown 114 less INT's then Terry, 210-96, in 716 less attempts. Granted this has become more of a passing league since Bradshaw's days but it just shows how much more talent Ben has.

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    Great job Ben! I hope he shatters every single Bradshaw recored! I've never really liked Terry.
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    When we drafted him from the U of Miami, Ohio, our game changed and it's BEN getting better all the time. Our team's future is bright because we have a franchise QB to build around and that's the secret to today's game.

    Ben's a winner, if that means he holds the ball too long or runs about like a madman then so be it. I hope to h3ll he keeps doing it because that means we keep winning.

    Way to go Ben!

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