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Thread: SA has New Usergroups!

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    Wow, I did not understand the complexity of this site. It seems like the more I look around the more I find. Why does everybody care about the title above their name? I have contributed to the site more than once but I didn't want the contributor sign above my name. I don't want to be in no group. I am happy with atleast $10.00 in S.A. gold to start the day so I can waste time in the casino (at work. shh, don't tell) I am happy to be able to share my thoughts with all of the members here. I love reading the comments of the people here. This site is awsome. The more I explore the better it gets. Thanks for your time,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejsteeler View Post

    usergroups are just a way to increase in rank as you continue to post on the site. It's just for fun but some people enjoy getting the next milestone in post count which changes you title and also comes with things like increased PM box size, avatar size, etc.

    As long as you have fun here that's all that matters

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