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Thread: 11-5 is a playoff spot guaranteed

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    11-5 is a playoff spot guaranteed

    Using ESPN's playoff predictor I simulated it to where the Steelers, Bengals, and Jets all go 11-5 (us losing to bengals and niners) and the steelers make the playoffs still in that situation. So as long as we can beat the browns twice and the rams we're guaranteed a playoff spot.

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    hopefully we beat the niners cause ill be there as an early birthday present!!

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    Let's not take any chances, I'd rather see us not lose another divisional game quite frankly. No reason at all we should lose any game going forward except maybe the 49ers game and even that is a winnable game, although admittedly a tough one.

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    Steelers are winning out the regular season.

    --- Added 12/3/2011 at 08:15 PM ---

    Niners secondary is overrated and their O-line can't pick up the blitz. The only reason why the niners win is because they run and stop the run.

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    I heard one of ESPNs talking heads saying the other day that we dont stand a chance if we have to go on the road for three straight weeks in the playoffs. He cited our two road losses and struggles in the road wins. Ya we struggled but still won.

    All that matters.

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    If we stay healthy we win out plain and simple....

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    11-5 is perfect for the bengals to get in..

    we go 13-3 ravens lose to SD, Rivers has a one great game this year, the ravens, they dump gatorade on Norv and we go to the #1 seed.

    Rivers and Norv were suppose to be in the SB this year.... that's what said in september.

    --- Added 12/4/2011 at 06:21 AM ---

    Quote Originally Posted by nick5574 View Post
    hopefully we beat the niners cause ill be there as an early birthday present!!
    thats a nice game for a gift, i get to goto the Browns game Jan 1.

    im hoping its above 20 degrees

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    I hope ya'll have fun at the niners and browns games! I will be enjoying from my sofa.
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    As Al Davis use to say " just win baby"

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    I don't know about anyone else, but I'd be a bit disappointed with 11-5.

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