Steelers vs. Chiefs Sunday night in Missouri
We needed to win so we didnít have to worry
The Ravens won on Thanksgiving so we needed to keep pace
If we have any hope of winning the division race
The Chiefs got the ball first and on their opening drive
We lost Troy on a head first tackling dive
They settled for a field goal and the kick was good
We needed to answer - letís see if we could
We took it from our 18 down to their 2
Then Moore fumbled which he doesnít usually do
Thomas Jones ran a few times and we got it right back
Palko fumbled the ball - Keisel was on the attack
We couldnít get far so it was their turn again
For their next 2 drives Palko must have thought he was Ben
Taylor and Mundy both caught a ball
Palko threw it right to them like that was the play call
A field goal came first - then Saunders first TD
This now made the score 10 to 3
`After a couple punts another Chiefs field goal was kicked
The Steelers soon followed as the halfís last seconds ticked
After the half Ben was intercepted by a Chief
But they went 3 and out so that was a relief
Weíll skip to the 4th quarter - about 7 minutes in
After another Chiefs field goal - they need 5 points to win
They got the ball back and got close to a score
But another white jersey caught it once more
They might have had a chance and the reason why
Dwayne Bowe might have caught it but he didnít even try
So the Steelers took a knee and a win instead
As they left Kansas City and a sea of red
Next the Steelers head back home to Steel City
To host the Bengals and it might not be pretty
Heinz Field - get loud - scream and cheer
Who Dey? Hopefully the Steelers for the 2nd time this year