Now I can't say this for 100% certainty but in the last few games you just don't see the smile on Hines Ward, that patented grin when he's on the field or the sidelines. Even this past Sunday against the Chiefs when he had 4 catches, I didn't notice it.

Again, since the camera isn't on him for the whole game we don't get a chance to see him all the time on the sidelines or on the field but from what I've seen recently it's been definitely missing from my vantage point. It's just not the same not seeing him out there blocking and catching passing and pissing off every defender with that Hines Ward smile. I would imagine it's a safe assumption that his competitive spirit and desire to win is still there, that would be dumb to think otherwise. When he gets a chance to make a play he's going to make the most of it and give it all he's got.

Might be another sign that this is his final year in a Steeler uniform, super bowl trophy or not.