This is a double edged sword that the Steelers are swinging around every week and it came back to bite them again.

When you're in short yardage, goal to go, type situations why in the world are you giving the ball Antonio Brown on an obvious end around that doesn't work, or letting Moore run the ball?

I'm all for keeping teams off balance, that's fine and dandy, but in some cases you stick with what works. When it's short yardage you give the ball to Redman and 9-10 times he's going to convert whether the defense knows it's coming or not. Atlest get him in the lineup and then if you want to run a play action and use a quick pass to say David Johnson or something, that's fine. Atleast let them think Redman is getting the ball, and maybe give it to him in those situations more...just a thought! *sarcasm*

The WR screen plays, for the love of God stop throwing them to Hines Ward. They didn't work at all yesterday when he took the pass. He was tackled either immediately or after a minimal gain. If you're going to keep this love affair with the screen then use Brown, Wallace, or Sanders more often and give yourself a chance to make a first down.