Mike Wallace in many eyes had his worst game of the season last night with one huge drop and another that would have been a great catch but it hit his hands nevertheless. In his last 8 games, he has only 1 100+ receiving game and at times completely disappears from the game.

What Gives?
It's clear that defenses are now putting a safety over the top trying to limit Wallace's ability to go deep. As is typical, Arians has been unable to adjust on the fly. After halftime, Ben was able to get him on a couple of routes.

Last night, KC also put safety Jon McGraw on Heath Miller and he did an excellent job limiting Heath to one catch. So where is the adjustment? If you essentially have two guys on Wallace and a safety on Miller then common sense tells you Brown and Sanders have to be open right? Brown and Sanders were targeted a total of 10 times combined last night while Wallace was targeted 6 times. AB had a nice game as did Hines who had 4 catches, but somewhere adjustments just aren't being made.

Perhaps Wallace is getting caught up in the hype surrounding his big start to the season, who knows? Bottom line is that they need to get him the ball more or at least take more advantage of two guys covering him.