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Thread: Defense Saves The Day; finally gets some turnovers

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    Defense Saves The Day; finally gets some turnovers

    Without question if the Steelers don't get those 3 INT's and fumble recovery we don't win this game. Finally, after being in the bottom of the league in takeaways, the defense makes big splash plays on a night when the offense couldn't get out of it's own way. The pass rush didn't get there much this evening but thankfully other members were able to come up with big plays.

    Ryan Mundy gets one, Keenan Lewis gets his first career INT, and Ike gets his first of the year. Not a bad nights work for the guys in the secondary, especially with Troy out tonight.

    The play of the night, no question about it was Lewis' game saving INT. He read Palko's eye's and knew he was going to try and go to go Bowe, his favorite target. The way KC was able to move the ball was giving me flashbacks of the Colts game and the Torrey Smith TD catch. Thankfully the Chiefs used timeouts on that drive which gave the defense time to rest, which they definitely needed being on the field so much.

    Steelers secondary stats:

    Troy: 2 Tackles; left with what was is believed to be a concussion but not confirmed by team.
    Lewis: 1 Tackle, 1 INT
    Mundy: 10 Tackles, 1 INT
    Taylor: 4 Tackles, 1 INT
    Clark: 3 Tackles
    Gay: 2 Tackles
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