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Thread: Horrible Performance By the Offense. Let It Rip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    BA figured if Moore was in they would think pass... Redman is no use in the red zone because when he is in other teams think we will run.. BA is a moron. Our offense looks like it is run by a moron. Moore was not our problem.. we need to move the chains and we dont have a plan to move the chains... it is sad to see us wasting bens talent with a High School OC....

    i think 5 wide is better lets watch ben break something else... we do so well with it... screw the slants, crosses and 5-9 yard passes.

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    Five games left. 3 division and 2 outside. Guess what, those teams have real qbs and recievers. If the fn team(steelers) from the game last night shows up for them all bets are off on this team going beyond the season. IMO. Such a poor display of play calling,execution, penalties and coaching I don't think I have seen since the late sixties early 70s. We truly won this because KC handed it to us. And so forth... Oh yeah, DON'T forget how this game finished. By accident we won it.
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    Fire thiseffingidiottheycallbrucearians[/QUOTE]

    Quote Originally Posted by Steelers_All_Day_43 View Post
    Two words.

    Fire thiseffingidiottheycallbrucearians
    This is the only long term solution to the Steeler's offensive inconsistency. "The standard is the standard." MT's favorite line. Anything less than SB victory is a disappointment for Steeler fans at this point. Can Arians get us there? If he can, its really only because of our HOF DC Dick LeBeau. If season ended today, playoff path would be @ Oak. and then @ NE or Balt. So it ain't gonna be easy gettin' back to the big game.

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    I would like to congratulate Wallace for his dropped passes, sure he got his money worth last night. Please put Hines ward any time you feel like it Tomlin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stairwayto7 View Post
    I actually though early on we were taking them to lightly. We threw the three 2 yard passes to hines, seemed like they were just trying to help get him to 1000.

    i agree. i hate that crap. what does that accomplish? I could see if it was Mike Wallace. But Hines wasn't fast in his prime???
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    No matter how you want to defend Wallace, he had a bad game last night. Dropping passes is not acceptable. They should park Hines for the rest of the season, so that he doesn't take plays away from speedy Wallace..

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    I thought Ben came up with some amazing plays but had little to work with last night. They were almost handed the game on a silver platter but just couldn't seem to take advantage and make the kill. No doubt that the opponents defense was playing their super bowl. Glad for the win but this was a tough one to watch.

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