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Thread: Horrible Performance By the Offense. Let It Rip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chisteeler View Post
    Offense..offense? ...You wanna talk about offense? Wow, all I can say is wow...pathetic.
    On a positive note, they won...
    I know that a win is a win is a win.....however, where was our offense? It seemed like KC was up for the game and we were still in our bye week. We need to gear up our offense if we hope to do anything at all in the post-season. As much as I hate to admit this, but the Ravens seem to be much better at this point.

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    The line looked horrid, and a few of the dropped passes had me shaking my head.
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    Poor execution by the offense but losing our Pro bowl center didn't help the line play. Wallace dropped 2 that should have been.How often does Me mo fumble? Just overall a bad performance...

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    Still not sure why we got in the red zone fr the first time and we went with our third string rb?

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    BA figured if Moore was in they would think pass... Redman is no use in the red zone because when he is in other teams think we will run.. BA is a moron. Our offense looks like it is run by a moron. Moore was not our problem.. we need to move the chains and we dont have a plan to move the chains... it is sad to see us wasting bens talent with a High School OC....

    i think 5 wide is better lets watch ben break something else... we do so well with it... screw the slants, crosses and 5-9 yard passes.

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    I sometimes wonder if this team realizes just who it is. EVERY team plays the Pittsburgh Steelers tough and like it's their Super Bowl. KC came in at 4-6. Denver and Oakland had already won yesterday so last night was really their last shot. Crennel had a solid gameplan and his guys played it well, but that's no excuse for our offense to only score 13 points.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Arians had nothing to do with all the penalties committed tonight....How many holding calls tonight?.....How many dropped passes tonight?.....Wallace dropped two and one was a TD......Moore fumbled on the next play......Then Antonio Brown had a huge drop later in the game....Those are not Arians fault.....Arians has faults but yet again the execution by the Steelers was **** poor at times......
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    Terrible execution have been a common thing amongst teams which came back after the byeweek, for some odd reason.
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    Ben is the most blitzed QB in the NFL, with that you'd think they'd have some plays designed to move him around in the pocket, the 3 step drops suck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Ben is the most blitzed QB in the NFL, with that you'd think they'd have some plays designed to move him around in the pocket, the 3 step drops suck!
    Or at the very least, some plays designed to take advantage of the defense that's blitzing. If we burn them a couple times, they'll blitz less.

    We do need to get better at rushing the QB though. Major weakness right now. That and the OLine are the 2 biggest issues.

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