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Thread: AFC North Blog is actually AFC Baltimore Blog? Eww!

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    Do we really want to concern ourselves with who writes the AFC North "Blob" especially when we have to take care of our own business? Let's face it, the Ratbirds beat us twice and we have to keep pace and hope for a Baltimoran loss if we want to compete to win the Division an secure a first round Bye and possible home field advantage. By the way, I still think we take the Division...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BR7 View Post
    I haven't heard that 'B' word since we had one of their heralded bloggers visit (torment) this site. And when I say blogger, I use that term very loosley.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    LMAO good ole what's his name
    you actually refer to that moron Tim Lumber as a 'blogger'... even using that term loosley ??

    he was nothing more than ratbird trailer trash with an internet connection.

    I sorta miss bitch slappin' him around the place.

    "Here's an idea! Don't worry about sports and run the ****ing country!!!" - PsychoWard to Obama

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