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Thread: Has Ryan Mundy shown enough to unseat Ryan Clark in 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Biggest needs on this team heading into next year are ILB, OG, S, NT........
    I agree with your assessment.

    There are a couple issues that we're having. One is pressuring the QB. The other is forcing turn overs. They obviously go hand in hand. We need another impact player on D. That was the biggest reason we lost to Baltimore the last time. Usually, on that last drive, we'd have turned Flacco over and ended the game.

    I'd even consider going after an OLB if an impact player fell to us, and groomed him to replace Harrison (Worilds, I don't think is that guy.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    I just have a weird feeling about the coming years for the defense. Guys like Hamp, Farrior, Smith are all potentially or definitely gone.
    We've seen yutes come in and play a lot this year, mainly because of injury. I feel comfortable with our secondary (as you mentioned), Ziggy at one end, with Kiesel and Ironhead at the other end, even with McLendon (sp?) at nose. As I mentioned, we need another play maker on D, no matter the position (preferably one that could pressure the QB) and a stud OL (probably guard) to solidify the line. I also think we may need another running back, because I'm not all that sold on shuffle-feet.

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    Mundy played pretty well last night, and had the interception. Clark had the one monster hit but didn't wrap up the receiver and he just bounced right out of it.

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    Well, I guess last night was a resounding YES! So sick of Clarks torpedo mentality. Hit and wrap once in a while!

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