Just something I was thinking about the other day for some reason. Ryan Clark signed a new 4 yr deal in 2010, if you remember that scenario where he was set to sign with Miami and then backed out when the Steelers called at literally the last minute.

Dick Lebeau loves Clark and his style of play and Ryan enjoys playing in Pittsburgh so from that perspective you would think all is well. However the Steelers defense is going to go through some changes in 2012, we all know that. Aaron Smith will be done, Casey Hampton could be as well. Chris Hoke signed a 1 yr deal to return this year so his status is in question as well.

Ryan Mundy has been a serviceable backup since he came to the team and usually plays pretty well. He was a restricted free agent heading into 2011 but with the new CBA agreement in place the Steelers shouldn't have any problem keeping him if they want too. The point I'm getting at is, how important is Ryan Clark to the defense and could Mundy be a guy that could supplant him and not miss a beat?

I would say right now it's probably a toss up with the edge going to Clark because of the experience but I wouldn't be completely opposed to Mundy getting a shot at some point perhaps while they draft a new top flight Safety. Ryan makes all the big hits but at times he gets lost or beaten badly in coverage and how much worse would Mundy really be?