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Thread: Kyle Orton - BACKUP???

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    Kyle Orton - BACKUP???

    Would anybody be against bringing him in to be Ben's backup? No one here trusts Dixon and CB isn't a spring chicken!!!

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    Mute point now, he's with the Chiefs although word is he doesn't want to be there. The Steelers are so close to the cap this year they'd have to cut players to bring him in, at this point Dixon knows the offense even if he isn't the greatest at running it. With Batch too the Steelers don't have a need for another 1.3 million dollar backup.

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    How funny would it be if Orton started for the Chiefs this week instead of Palko?
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    The coaches would have to have so little faith in Palko for Orton to start this week, that it wouldn't even be funny. LOL. If we blow them out on Sunday and/or Palko has a bad game then I could definitely see them possibly starting Orton the following week.

    Either way I like our chances in this game no question about it.

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