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Thread: Steelers playoff chances got a whole lot better after today...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    As long as the Steelers keep winning and avoid the "return from bye week" lull that most teams have experienced this year, I don't see the Steelers losing another regular season game.
    yeah, that always makes me nervous, especially in the playoffs. i think it would be in the steelers best interest to just keep on truckin rather than get a bye to start the playoffs. i liken it to a 20 mile hike. is it really worth it to take a nap at mile 17 and then have to crawl out of bed all sore and stiff? or should they just tough it out for the last 3 miles?

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    Sooner or the later the Steelers will seize the opportunity and run with it. At some point we'll see them start blowing out teams and getting on long winning streaks that last for 2 months. Until then though they will just continue to be who they are and play in dog fights in games they shouldn't have to..LOL.

    The Ravens play 3 of their last 5 games on the road where they are nowhere near as tough. The simple fact is the Steelers just have to win out and they will make the playoffs in some manner. Just get in and anything is possible.

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