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Thread: Tebow is this year's Wildcat....

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    Tebow is this year's Wildcat....

    I watched Tebow against the Jets and Coach Fox is right....
    On any other team, Tim would be screwed!!!!
    He is "running" the same offense he ran @ Florida
    Shotgun option and VERY occasional passing....
    If Denver makes the Playoffs, they will go ONE AND DONE.. You will need to pass the ball and he is terrible!!! He will be screwed if they play a team and get down 3 TD'S, how are they going to come back??? Passing???
    Tebow will need to learn how to throw and in a BIG HURRY!!
    Oakland, Where Careers Go To Die!!!!!

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    Agree that he's got a long way to go but, geez, he doesn't have the weapons to go to like the Steelers Brown, etc. Even Moreno is out...I think he's doing the best he can with what he's got. Yeah, I'm a Gator fan so guess it's like being s homer but I hope they stick with him and get some help for next year.

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