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Thread: A Steeler vs Packers superbowl rematch

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    I'm not ready to go here yet.... The Packers are outstanding especially on offense. Stopping Rodgers is difficult. Their defense gives up points and yards but they seem to always create turnovers too. I would not be surprised to see them lose in the playoffs simply because the ball can't keep bouncing their way all the time.
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    I just can't see the Steelers beating the Packers at this point. Aaron Rodgers is just playing out of his mind.

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    Losing to the Packers in the SB two years in a row would be absolutely devistating. If there does happen to be a rematch the Steelers MUST find a way to win. Keep in mind in that game last year in February the Steelers turned the ball over 3 times and still only lost by 6 points and had a chance to win the game in the final 2 minutes with a TD. Dont turn the ball over against the Packers and create at least 1 or 2 turnovers against Aaron Rodgers and the Steelers have an excellent chance to beat the Pack if there is a rematch. However, like a lot of people mentioned above it wont surprise me at all if the Saints took out the Packers in the NFC Championship game. They almost beat them on opening night at Lambeau and should they both meet again in the playoffs I think the Saints have a real legit shot of knocking the Packers out. Like SteelDad mentioned as well the longer the Packers keep winning the more the odds swing less in their favor of them having a bad game along the way and slipping up. All it takes is one time and if they go into the Super Bowl or NFC Title game unbeaten the pressure on the Packers to win is going to be enormous...

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    I'd rather lose in the playoffs than lose in the Super Bowl again. It was such an emotionally draining experience last year. However, I would love to get even with the Pack. Hey the Pens lost to the Red wings in 08, but beat them the next year!

    Unfortunately, the pack look unbeatable right now.
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    Anything can happen still. Injuries?? We havent even locked up a playoff spot yet. So way to early in my opinion

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    We would need to play the pack like we played the patriots this year.

    Ben would need to not lose the balls and give up 14 free points or was it 21?

    We can win that.. Probably easier than we can win against the saints.

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