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Thread: A Steeler vs Packers superbowl rematch

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    Awaiting Seven...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel Trap86 View Post
    I'd like to see us beat the Ravens in the playoffs first, I don't want the Steelers going to the Superbowl having been swept by the Ravens lol just doesn't sit well
    I don't care who the Steelers beat to get there, just as long as they get there, with a chance to bring number seven home...

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    Last years superbowl was a very close game , no 3 picks and no Emmanuel Sanders going down it would have been a whole different ball game.

    Sanders could have made a difference in that game especially on the last drive , Randle-El was off the mark .

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    I was sick for 10 yrs b/t SB 30 and SB 40.....and now again. Bring on the BIG GAME before SB 50 ...

    I will take the Pack or the Cowboys - this year or the next or the next............unfinished business - I need closure on those losses...........

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    Superbowl Re-Match!

    I am looking at all the teams that are possibly going to the post season and I really think the only team that is capable of taking out the Greengay Packers is the Steelers! The other four can't do it because........................................... ......................

    New England has the offense but not the defense to do it!
    The Ratbirds have the defense but not the offense to do it!
    The Texans have no quarterback!
    The Broncos have Teebow and Jesus but they need help from GOD Himself!

    The Steelers have the Offense to keep up with them and the Defense to make a few key stops. We don't turn over the ball and we win our 7th. (Then I need to get rid of all my Steeler gear that says "6 superbowl championships")

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    They already had a thread about this. I don't buy anything that says 6 time champs, because I know we can get 7 anytime. Good problem to have.
    Cleveland Browns suck!

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    I watched GB this past Sunday, and Rodgers looked so accurate with the receivers, not sure who would beat them.

    Let's hope its the Steelers making another run...7Th Heaven

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevelandsux View Post
    They already had a thread about this. I don't buy anything that says 6 time champs, because I know we can get 7 anytime. Good problem to have.

    "Without ME, it's just AWESO"
    "To all the virgins, thanks for nothing"

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    49ers or Saints could knock off the Packers in the NFC playoffs this year, won't be surprised if Saints win the NFC.

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    It's a matter of defenses and I believe the Saints can match the Packers' fire power on offense, but have a much better defense. IF they meet in the NFCCG in GB, and the weather is "decent", I give the Saints a legit shot to get it done.

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    We will need jesus to boost our pass rush up a notch to stop rodgers. heath can start the prayer session for that request. if we can put pressure on rodgers they will lose.

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