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Thread: Clark/Polamalu failed big time on that TD pass to Green

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmerrifield View Post
    I watched that play, I think Troy was going to make a play until he saw Clark coming. He takes his eyes off the ball for a second to look at Clark and then misses the play. If Clark would quit pretending like he can help and stay out of Troy's way, I think Troy breaks up that pass.
    Breaks up?? That was a int for Troy if Clack had stayed out of the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harpo View Post
    In looking at the video in regular speed, at the 0:06 mark, I see Polamalu running with A.J. Green and Ryan Clark coming into the picture. At the 0:07 mark, Polamalu has his arms engaged with Green, vying for position to make a play on the ball. Ryan Clark looks like he may be about 2 or 3 feet away but enters the play and starts looking up at the ball. As the ball nears, you see Ryan Clark puts his hands up to try and intercept the ball, but A.J. Green is in a higher (better) position to make the catch.

    Yes, Clark is not very good in coverage but at least he (Clark) tried to make a play by thinking he could intercept the ball. What did Polamalu do? Nothing. He took his eyes off the ball and allowed Green to get into position to make the catch.

    Polamalu always gets a pass from most Steeler matter how bad he plays.

    You've never seen Clark bail the Steelers out? Ever?

    Well, who was it that forced that fumble on Ray Rice last year in the playoffs that led to a touchdown? Also, who was it that picked off Flacco in last year's playoffs, which led to the Steelers tying the game?

    I'll wait for your answer.....
    O, Clark made them plays, but I forgot with all the ****ups he makes. Yea, Clark did mess up Troy when it came down to this play. Even if Clark didnt get in the way you really think Troy would have won a jump ball with Aj Green? Sorry, Troy does get alot of passes because for every fail he does, he does about 8 things right before he fails so I would say about a 8:1 ratio which is pretty good. Plus your talking about a top 4 safety of all-time. Clark will never get a pass, if he does maybe once in a great blue moon but thats it. Plus sometimes you gotta give the opponet credit, which it seems you dont want to do.

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