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Thread: Hines Ward wasn't hurt, the Steelers just didn't put him in

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    Hines Ward wasn't hurt, the Steelers just didn't put him in

    It would appear that you can actually being to say that it's truly the twilight of his career. Normally you say that but you know he's still going to get significant playing time. He's still going to get his catches, yards, and touchdowns.

    Today though, he was healthy. No ill affects from the concussion like symptoms according to Tomlin after the game. It's just a situation where guys like Brown, Wallace, Cotchery, and Heath Miller are making more plays and their youth is starting to outgain the experience and savvy playing of Hines.

    Make no mistake, Ward will still make some catches this year and he'll be a factor in the Steelers record at some point but this receiving corp for Ben is starting to distance themselves from the veteran.

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    I just posted this in one of your other threads. Ward has dropped some key passes he used to catch in previous seasons. He's not quite as reliable as he once was/

    Not to mention the young guns are just flat out better right now.
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    He's expendable, Cotchery is more than able to contribute..

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    Hate to see our best players, some of all time, get old. But imagine if Sanders were there today would Hines play at all?

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    Ward needs to be the 5th WR on this team......Wallace, Brown, Sanders, and Cotchery should be ahead of Hines on the depth chart.....I really liked what I seen of Cotchery today and he should have had two TD's today...looking at the holding call by Heath was total BS.....

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    That sucks as I was wearing his Jersey today . I think Hines will contribute in the 2nd half of the this his last year?

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    I love Hines Ward. We all do but most players dont leave the game on their own terms. I dont think I saw Ward drop a lot of passes but I also think he struggles to get open. With Wallace getting doubled deep it leaves the intermediate routes open and those guys have to get open. Sanders, Brown and Cotchery do a better job of getting open.

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    Either they are lying about the concussion symptoms or they were extra precautios and gave him an extra 2 weeks to recover.

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    Torch has been passed... keep him healthy well pull him out in the playoffs!

    Thank you hines!
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    Maybe the torch has been passed?
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