Well done Pele and I know the PSU family is reeling right now. Hell, I feel like the RichRod years were the worst thing to ever happen to UM so I can't even fathom this.

At it's core, this is a moral issue for these men. They did their professional duty in reporting these atrocities to their superiors and I can't argue that. I just have to continue to ask the question though, "How could you not follow up on something like this?" I understand that at one point the local DA dropped the case of one the alleged victims and that certainly muddies the waters, but 8 other victims have come forward. Somewhere the institutional leadership failed to protect children and I hate.... I mean HATE, that JoePa is part of that leadership. Maybe we will find someday that he did all he could do. I hope that is the case, but the university had no choice because of how far this thing reached.