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Thread: Steelers/Ravens rivalry or Steelers/Raiders?

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    Those old Steeler vs Raiders games were Classic!!! even the Steeler vs Browns game were classic games these rivalries today do not match up with the 70's rivalries...

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    I like the Steelers-Raiders much better. Back then they were the two best teams, not just in the AFC, but in the NFL. Steelers can kinda of say that now, at times, but the Patriots and the Colts have really stolen the spot light because of their QB's. Raven's, they really have just been a good team, not great. Dont think they live up to the hype the Raiders brought to the match ups back in the day. And if the Raiders and the Steelers ever share the spot light at the top again it will be bigger than anything the NFL has seen in 30 years.
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    Many times back in the 70's were against the best teams in the league at the time. Steelers/Cowboys/Raiders were always big games and considering how many super bowls and playoffs games those teams played in during the 70's it added that much more to storyline.

    I miss seeing those types of games where both teams are the best of the best, and they hate each other too.

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    You know the Steelers/Raiders rivalry was something special when most of those old Raiders (George Atkinson) constantly whine today about their losses to the Atkinson is famous for calling Swann Dude needs to shut up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    You know the Steelers/Raiders rivalry was something special when most of those old Raiders (George Atkinson) constantly whine today about their losses to the Atkinson is famous for calling Swann Dude needs to shut up
    cosigned. and the best part is seeing interviews with atkinson, villapiano, etc saying WE made excuses whenever we lost to them, mainly the 76 championship game, yet all those clowns from al davis to madden to their players cried and made every excuse in the book for all their losses to us. immaculate reception "oh the ball hit the ground, fuqua touched the ball first, there was an illegal block, etc", 75 afc championship game "they illegally froze the field to slow down cliff branch, etc". crybabies and hypocrites. i got a bunch of those steelers/raiders games from that era on dvd. as much as i love the ratbirds rivalry it doesnt compare. partially because of the rules back then allowed for more violent hits but a lot of it was the fact they hated each other on AND off the field. george atkinson sued noll for libel for christ sake lol. you didnt see any of the 70's steeler or raiders hugging and cracking jokes before and after the games like you see ben and ray ray, etc do. that was real hate

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    As someone who is born, raised, and live in Baltimore, I hate the Ravens more than anything anyone can imagine. That being said, I didn't see the Raiders/Steelers games of the 70's (Born in '83)...

    I love the hatred that we have with the Ravens, but can truly appreciate the historical importance of the Raiders rivalry! I love watching those old games when they are re-aired!
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    Going with Steelers/Raiders. They were never afraid of taking eachother's head off, an intense rivalry, many memorable hits/games. The game back then was far much better than it is now. They were 2 of the most violent teams.


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