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Yes this is a terrible crime but you're going to tell me no one is ever falsely accused, Joe reported it , we have no idea what he was told.

Talk to the people close to Paterno or the people that played for Sandusky, they're all sickened by it, they all sit and wonder how it could happen without them knowing.

I refuse to condemn someone before I have all the facts, not pointing fingers at anyone but maybe Big Ben should be in prison along with the linemen that were with him.
When you are the man in charge and people fail you in the most disgusting way possible and yet, you do nothing, you are condemned whether it's worthy or not. You mean to tell me if JoePa walked into the local district attorney's office he wouldn't have been heard or listened to? He's Joe Freaking Paterno! He could have have done any number of things to make this situation at the very least 'better' but didn't. I don't like this any more than any PSU fan and it isn't the way the man should go out, but he had the opportunity to act otherwise and didn't.