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Thread: Worst 3rd down defense I`ve ever seen

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    Could careless about Ben's stats....Fact remains he put the team in position to win the game up 20-16.....The defense blew it.........Yes his INT was terrible but Ben played well enough for his team to win the game......I just don't know how a genius like LeBeau can come up with a master game plan vs the Pats offense but does nothing creative vs the Ravens......James Harrison is the only one that earned his pay check on defense last night....Troy P. was a ghost basically again.....Sure he makes some nice tackles for losses but no impact or game changing plays all season........

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    I agree the offense didn't lose this game, the sucky *** D did!

    Harrison was the only bright spot last night...

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    The refs were flag happy last as well, someone let them play football

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    14 converted out of 21 - no excuse. And the worst part is most of those were 3rd and long (more than 6 yards).

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    The Steelers have not had a great defense since 2008. Remember 2009 the defense were the most unclutch defense ever, they pretty much lost 5 straight games solely on the defense, and it could have been more if Ben wasn't that good.

    2010 defense did almost cost the Steelers a lot of games (remember the first Ravens game they blew a touchdown against Flacco). The Steelers should have been something along the lines of 9-7 or 10-6 but they some how prevailed to get to 12-4.
    Steelers defense of course hasn't played that well in general this year as well. If the Steelers let up a 92 yard game winning touchdown drive to Flacoo, this team isn't going far at all. LeBeau's defensive play calling during the 2nd half is very questionable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelCityVoice View Post
    That Suggs interception was the difference. Totally put the Steelers on their heels the rest of the way.

    No killer instinct on the final offensive drive and THEN you take a delay penalty to kill any chance to kick a FG.

    Blown timeout on a stupid/useless challenge.

    Coaching was great last week, this week...notsomuch.....
    How was it the difference? Our offense came back to score 14 unanswered points on those heels that your talking about to take a 4 point lead in the final two minutes, that was until our defense decided to do a total choke job...

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