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Thread: How much of a "must win" is this game for the Steelers?

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    How much of a "must win" is this game for the Steelers?

    IMO, there is absolutely no question about it, this a must win game. If there is such a thing at this point in the season for a team that's 6-2, this is it. Any hopes of winning the AFC North hinge on the Steelers beating the Ravens this weekend.

    Win this game and win next weekend at the Bengals and you set yourself up perfectly for the stretch run of very winnable games the rest of the way out. It all starts on Sunday though. I don't care who's healthy, who's out, who plays where you absolutely must win this game. Beating the Patriots was great, a huge confidence boost and a big win within the conference. That will be nice to have in your hip pocket later in the season but you have to split the Ravens games because their schedule is about as easy as ours is the rest of the way out.

    I don't care what anyone says I'm still not sold on the Bengals. They've had a cake schedule so far. Their defense is playing very good, no question about it. Their offense though doesn't scare anyone in the AFC North overall.

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    It's not a MUST win game, but it would really give the Steelers an advantage over Baltimore in the race for the division. I'm still not convinced the Ravens are strong enough to compete for the playoffs based on what I've seen the last month or so out of their offense.

    Of course we were saying a lot of the same about the Steelers early in the year.

    Right now it's a 3-way race for the division until we prove Cincy is a bunch of flukes.
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    We have to win... We need to be top seed this year.

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    Gotta win all the way! Silent the critics and stay a top the AFC...

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    hate to say it but it is a MUST WIN. especially because of the way we lost the first one. a win goes a long way, more than just record in the division...the mental aspect creeps into their minds as well.
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    Is this a really a question? Hell yeah
    Lead the division
    Take back what they took away week 1
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    I believe it is a must win for the division crown but obviously too early to say it is a must win to make the post season.

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    not a must win, i just dont think the ravens are going to finish strong enough to make it a must win.

    however it would be an awesome win and provide some security just sitting on top of the AFC by themselves...who knew right? after a dismal 2-2 start and pathetic attempts of playing football that they could potentially slay the mighty patriots and ravens backl to back weeks and take control of the AFC

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    I feel like it is, but I think our best days are still ahead of us once everyone is healthy!

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    Not a must win for playoffs. A must win if we want the division. Ravens will go 12-4 at worst if they win this week.

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