In the past this question would be a moot point, a no brainer. Will the Ravens pressure Ben Roethlisberger; of course they will. It's what they do, what they always do. It's what the Steelers always do too.

Is it a guarantee that the same scenario will unfold for either team's defense this year when they put their gameplan into action? Maybe it's not such a done deal if you think about it.

The Ravens could very well use their front 7, one of the best in the league, to get after Ben and the Steelers retooled offensive line and nobody would be surprised. However considering that the Steelers have a high powered offense, with multiple weapons at WR and TE at Ben's disposal we could see the Ravens drop back and try to take as many of those weapons away as they can. Play a lot of man coverage and use a similar philosophy that Dick Lebeau used against the Patriots last Sunday. Should they consider using that strategy they will have to weary of Mendenhall and Redman running the ball. Even so, the front 4 of the Ravens lead by Haloti Ngata is perfectly capable of shutting down the run.

I suspect, well I hope, that Arians will have another unique gameplan in place to keep the Ravens on their toes. Let's face it, if you can out coach Bill Belichick & Tom Brady coming off a bye week, you can do anything you put your mind too. That being said, for this discussion you have to wonder what gameplan the Ravens will deploy to try and slow the Steelers offense. Normally both teams are content to play the traditional smash mouth, physical, contest during this rivalry but the Ravens took a different approach in week 1 and the Steelers are certainly a much more capable offense since that time.