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Thread: Will the Ravens bring the heat or drop back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolrog View Post
    I think without question, bring the heat. If they get to Ben, they can force him into turnovers again. Plus, our offensive line is really hurting, even the "healthy" guys.
    If Baltimore learned anything from last week, it would be how pathetic NEs pass rushers were. Ben had more time in that game than we have seen in years. I think the even the O line was shocked. This week will be very different. I think the question I ask is whether BA can manage to put in enough quick passes and plays to help out the O line or will he be calling too many plays requiring a 7-step drop?

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    Ravens ain't bringing squat sunday night. It's the STELERS that will bring heart, will, determination, courage, pain, hell, suffering, dominance, a true kick *** defense and offense, toilet paper so the terdbirds can clean their backside and the kitchen sink baby. That's when the ravens drop back, step back and run away/fly away with their ugly tailfeather between those strawstick legs of theirs.
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