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Thread: Outside of the Burgh, It's Getting Ugly.

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    Outside of the Burgh, It's Getting Ugly.

    A thread primarily for those fans living outside the general environs of Pittsburgh, Pa in an area generally where the competition lives. The purpose is to let the hometown fans know that we fans out here are doing our part to support the team by showing our colors, standing up for the steelers and generally not takin any crap when challenged about your fandomness. Unless of course a weapon is pulled, in which case, well you be the judge. My advice, don't go any further when that happens. As a reminder, not all competitor's areas of influence are friendly to Steeler fans. Beware.

    Location: Yorktown, Virginia. (general geographic location will do).
    Competitor territory for the:
    Washington Redskins aka: Deadskins
    Baltimore Ravens aka: Rat Turds, Turds
    Geographic distance from the competition:
    Deadskins - 117 straight line miles
    The Turds - 144 straight line miles

    Personal experience today @2:00pm. Out for my heart health walk, dressed in my favorite Steelers walking ensemble i.e. Hoodie w/massive Steelers logo, Hat w/Steelers logo, minding my own fn business. Up pulls a car full of *******s men and women. Window rolls down, from with in the words "Hey you lookin pretty cocky Steeler fan, what gonna happen Sunday" My answer, "Baltimore gonna get it's *** kicked". Reply, "We see about that" and the *******s drive off. Normally I don't get hassled down here cause it is more Steelers country than the others. Since the skins stopped being a real football team most of their fans climbed on our wagon I'm guessing. Ok with me as they never bother you anyhow. I don't really know for sure if that car load of jerk-offs was Turds fans or not but, it wouldn't be to hard of guess. Right?

    By the way, I was walking in a real nice part of town here, not walkin in the ghetto. Figuring maybe those asshholes where running from the law or just got done robbing someone. Don't really know for sure. Hope they watch the beat down Sunday.

    Warining: Not advocating intentional provocation (maybe) of your favorte hater unless you are with some buds that can take care of business if necessary. Damn, it's only a game. Ya all be careful out there.

    Not sure if this thread belongs here, somewhere else or deleted. So, admin have at it.
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    And their fans.

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