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This weekends game was the first regular season game I had ever been to. I am from Michigan, and my dad, brother and I come back for a preseason game every year. We decided to go to a regular season game this year and do it up right. Primanti Brothers and Iron City before the game, and then one of the best games I have ever seen!! It was so awesome to see the whole city in Black and Gold. It was an amazing time, and I can't wait to go back.
glad you had a good time...this is kinda reversed for me this weekend against the ratbirds ...it pains me deeply but i will miss attending my first game at heinz field in 3 years...it sucks that the same night a band (agnostic front) i've been following for nearly 25 years is playing the same night...something has always came up when they were in town and i always missed them...this could very well be their last tour as they are nearing 50 years old ,so i had to make a hard choice...the promoter of the show assured me the game will be on the monitors during the show...Moshing while watching the steeler game this sunday will be really cool...and to boot the guitarist a life long new yorker is a giant steeler fan, he even sot a steeler tattoo...GO STEELERS... GO AGNOSTIC FRONT