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He has been a plus so far. What impressed me yesterday was that not only did the Steelers play more mon coverage, they played man coverage very well. They didn't have to blitz all day long and still got pressure. This give opposing OC's a lot to think about.

Kudos to Carnell and LeBeau - the wizard has done it again.
They did it against the weapons NE has. That was impressive. Lets see what this week has in store because the Rats are the opposite of NE. They just got a taste of that D in Jacksonville (and lost) but they have a week to study our game tape. They also have a much stiffer D than NE, but their O is sucking right now. We have so many injuries right now that if our secondary could perform like this, it could help nurse us to the bye week. Our second half looks promising but we have two big games coming up.

Can you believe we are talking about the Steeler DBs this way.