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Thread: Redzone offense must be improved

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    We need to move the ball better in the redzone, not so many field goals that keep the other teams in the game. We havent been able to run at all. I know we have gone back and forth about Redman and Mendy, but is Redman the better option in the redzone, or is our O line just not built for running in the redzone?

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    Until B.A. is gone (hopefully at the end of this season) I don't see Steelers improving in Red Zone. Hope I am wrong. Steelers are averaging less than 22 pts. per game this yr. Under Arians' tenure avg. is 23ppg. In a word, this is kind of sucky. Steelers have weapons to be an elite offense. But this has never happened under Arians, and odds are it never will. This means we rely on defensive stops. When that doesn't happen, we lose, like last night.

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